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How It Works


Holders can submit their NFTs with OverpassIP to be considered for licensing opportunities given by collections or brands.


Collections being on OverpassIP allows endless opportunities for their brand to grow while bringing their holders with them, all through licensing.


Brands can post licensing opportunities for collections, collect a pool of NFTs to choose from, and pick the IP that will best represent their initiative with the OverpassIP platform.


Maximize your NFT's potential with brand licensing. Gain recognition and influence by licensing your NFT to renowned brands.

Three collectible digital characters displayed side by side: a penguin in green attire on red, a penguin with a brown hat on blue, and a yellow ape with a hat on purple.


Each licensed NFT amplifies your collection's reach, providing you with more exposure and uniqueness to unlock unparalleled growth for your project.

An illustrated penguin adorned with a floral lei framed in a purple, postage stamp-like border, complemented by a rising arrow and a checkmark badge on a dark purple background.


Seamlessly partner with Web3 collections and acquire the perfect IP that aligns with your campaigns.

Digital icons of popular NFT collections displayed above a glowing hexagonal platform: a Pudgy Penguin in a blue circle, a Pudgy Igloo in a purple circle, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) logo in a pink circle, set against a dark backdrop with a spotlight effect.

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