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Pudgy Toys Chapter 2

Pudgy Penguins / The Igloo Company

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Pudgy Penguins

Submission Deadline
Feb 11, 2024
Number of Assets Submitted
License Expiration
Jan 01, 2027 04:59 am
Est. Budget Per Asset
Royalty Percentage: 20%
Requested Number of Assets


Following the success of Chapter 1 of Pudgy Toys, which included achieving the #1 spot on Amazon in three separate categories, launching in 2,000 Walmarts across the USA, winning Toy Insider's top Summer and Winter toy awards, being featured in Walmart and Good Morning America’s holiday catalog, and receiving coverage in top publications and on live TV, ultimately bringing joy to millions across the world; we are excited to offer more licensing opportunities to our community to bring their Pudgy Penguins to life through Toys.

The Chapter 2 Pudgy Toy licensing deal is for those Pudgy penguins that will be included in our new line of toys. Having new SKUs is crucial for both online and physical retail, so licensing more Pudgy Penguins allows us to stay fresh in the market. Toys play a significant role in how we bring mass distribution and attention to NFT IP and blockchain technology via Pudgy World, and we are ecstatic to include more Pudgy Penguins on this journey with us.

We will be selecting Pudgy Penguins over time in Q1 of 2024, and submitting for this deal does not guarantee you a licensing deal. Instead, it puts you in the pool of NFTs from which we will be making selections as we need to produce new SKUs for our toy line.

Once you are selected, you will receive updates on a semi-annual basis via an OverpassIP blog. It is important to note that producing mass-market toys takes time, and we may not always have immediate updates on when your SKU will go live or where it will be available. Therefore, please refer to the blog section for the most up-to-date information on your deal.

The Pudgy Rods multiplier for this deal will automatically apply if you have the Rods in the same wallet as the Pudgy Penguin you are submitting and are covered under the criteria found in the blog post. If you would like to know more about the structure of the multiplier, click here.

Licensed Assets

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