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Trading Card Game

Orange Cap Games / Orange Cap Games

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Pudgy Penguins

Submission Deadline
May 7, 2024
Number of Assets Submitted
License Expiration
May 07, 3024 04:59 am
Est. Budget Per Asset
$100 - $100
Requested Number of Assets


Orange Cap Games is excited to announce a licensing opportunity for 200 Pudgy Penguins who will be brought to life in a new Trading Card Game scheduled to be released in Q4 2024. Incubated by Spencer Ventures and built alongside former champions in the competitive TCG space, our game is easy to learn but difficult to master. You can pick it up as your first TCG or grind out the competitive circuit with deep gameplay for veteran gamers. To do this, we’re looking to license 200 Pudgy Penguins to be featured in the game from the community.

Penguins will be selected by our art team and used as models for the artwork on the trading cards. Selected Penguins will star in one of three different categories of art: a group pose on an Action card, wielding a fishing Rod for a Rod card, or will be featured on a penguin card with a title fitting their attributes and game mechanics. Any final art may also be used in promotional materials for Enter the Huddle.

Physical cards will be printed and digital cards will also be available for play in a virtual game. The virtual game will be web3 enabled.

We will be selecting Pudgys continuously throughout Q2 of 2024, and submitting your Penguin does not guarantee you a licensing deal. Instead, this puts your NFT in a collection we’ll select from as we complete the first set of cards for the game.

Since developing a physical product alongside 200 art pieces is a drawn out process, we cannot guarantee art featuring your specific Penguin will be visible upon request prior to the launch of the game. Therefore, please refer to the Discord for the most up-to-date information regarding the art being created for the game. Special edition printings of cards will be available for owners of licensed penguins which will be claimable after the release of the game. This is in addition to the upfront compensation for being licensed.

Are you excited to collect and play with a foil version of your own penguin? I know we are.

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